Planting the Seeds of a New Beginning

“Everybody is scared. Nobody feels safe,” says Amira, describing her life back in Aleppo, Syria. Her sister’s house was bombed. A cousin was killed in the street. “You stay in your house, but then someone comes to your door and shoots you,” she says. “Why? Why are they killing people for no reason?”

Opposing both the Syrian government and the barbaric terrorism practiced by Daesh, (commonly known as Isis in the West) Syria became deadly for Amira and her three young daughters. They fled, eventually finding a safe haven in the United States.

Amira was terrified that she and her daughters—ages eleven, nine, and six—would be sent back to Syria. “Oh, my God, if we have to go back,” she says, her eyes brimming with sudden tears. “I just got away from Syria. I cannot go back.”

Amira and her daughters found safety and refuge in the United States.
Amira and her daughters found safety and refuge in the United States.

Amira and her daughters needed help staying in this country and hanging on to the new life they were making for themselves.  They found that help with Jenny Ansay, attorney for Northern Illinois Justice For Our Neighbors.

Thanks to Jenny and Northern Illinois JFON, Amira and her daughters are safe from immediate deportation. Additional legal assistance is needed so that this family can remain in the U.S. You can help them obtain asylum status with continued access to high-quality, pro bono legal representation from JFON.

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