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January 2018: To help more women like me: Linh’s Story, Human Trafficking, and Big Changes for JFON Nebraska

December 2017DREAMers take the Hill, the Gifts of the Magi, and Finding True Christmas in a Detention Facility

November 2017: The four lives of Butrus Lazarus, diversity visas, and JFON asks “What is Your America?” 

October 2017: Bono makes a DREAMer video for JFON,  and other JFON news and updates

September 2017: JFON East Texas opens, Florida JFON expands, the end of #DACA, the fight for a Clean Dream Act

August 2017: The JFON DREAMers, Why DACA matters, My DACAmented Life, #DefendtheDREAMers

July 2017:  Refugee kids create a “Fugees Family”, Asylum for a young rape victim, and 15,000 new American citizens

June 2017: A Father’s Love for Five Daughters, World Refugee Day, and more! 

May 2017: The Mother’s Day Reunion, JFON at the UMC Council of Bishops, and Immigration Advocacy 

April 2017: Impact Litigation for far-reaching change; Darfur Asylum Seeker, and more!

March 2017:  New California border JFON; judges block revised ban; JFON leads Know Your Rights Sessions

February 2017:  VICTORY! And three stories from the travel ban

January 2017: A victory for Love and Family, Advocacy 2017 Update, Nationwide Rally for Immigrants & Refugees

December 2016Bringing Lina Home and a DACA Teacher’s Post-Election Response

November 2016Refugees forced from home, DACA lawsuit, and What we can do about Haiti

October 2016: I’ve never seen a day in Immigration Court like this one.

September 2016: Immigrants make America beautiful 

August 2016How JFON helps Refugees

July 2016San Antonio JFON, Experiencing Immigration Court, and SCOTUS Ruling Fallout

June 2016A Father’s Day without War, Welcome Virginia to the JFON family, and delivering the DREAM for undocumented youth.

May 2016To Save My Daughters, Mother’s Day, and NJFON with the U.S. Border Patrol

April 2016JFON attorney’s account of Dilley Family Detention Center; Making the Miracle happen at a U.S. Migrant Shelter; JFON Chinatown clinic welcomes new citizen

March 2016NJFON Mission to the Border, Governments looking to the Church, New Mobile Immigration Clinic

February 2016: Human Trafficking Victim finds a new life, NJFON in Honduras, and 2015 in review

January 2016:  NJFON Attorney banned from Dilley, Changing the lives of young immigrants, and more!