As the backbone of a network of immigration legal service providers across the country, National Justice for Our Neighbors (NJFON) daily witnesses the human consequences of a broken and outdated immigration system. We see the agony caused by family separation and the isolation experienced by those living under constant threat of deportation.

The next few years promise to continue to be difficult for immigrants and organizations like NJFON who labor alongside them.  We know harmful and misguided policies such as mass deportations, building a wall along the Southern border, travel bans and abolishing the refugee program will continue under the Trump Administration.

NJFON will stand by immigrants to defend them against these threats.  We will work tirelessly to promote policies grounded in justice.  We will inspire communities to welcome immigrants with love and compassion.  And we will call upon our nation to, once again, serve as a land of opportunity for the immigrant and a beacon of hope to the newcomer.

While our strategy throughout the year will need to be nimble to respond to threats as they emerge, our principles remain firm. National Justice for Our Neighbors advocates for immigration policies that:

  • Promote family unity
  • Protect access to the immigration system and citizenship
  • Defend vulnerable populations, and
  • Enhance the rights and dignity of all individuals

Our faith tradition reminds us that U.S. immigration policies should recognize the gifts, contributions, and struggles of immigrants, ensuring justice and protection for all.  To this end, we advocate in the following ways:

  • Lift up our clients and their stories that humanize the issues
  • Mobilize our network and broader communities of faith to engage with their legislators through in-person visits, town-hall gatherings, calls, and letter-writing campaigns to promote and defend immigrant policies that align with our values
  • Support and organize actions in the form of marches, prayer vigils, demonstrations, and other campaigns
  • Engage in impact litigation with other partners for select cases that have the potential to create positive precedent and broad impact for immigrants nationwide
  • Participate in advocacy-based coalitions and working groups, including the Interfaith Immigration Coalition

Our advocacy efforts are only as strong as our team. Please reach out to us if you are interested in engaging in our advocacy work by emailing:

Members of the Interfaith Immigration Council—including NJFON —prepare for a meeting at the White House.

NJFON is a member of the Interfaith Immigration Council. Here representatives prepare for a meeting at the White House.