Strategic Plan

In addition to leadership from the National Justice For Our Neighbors Board of Directors and its strategic planning committee, this strategic plan includes input from boards of directors, staff attorneys, and clinic coordinators at Justice For Our Neighbors sites across the country.

This three-year NJFON strategic plan will guide us from 2015-2017.

Goal 1: Improve the sustainability of NJFON and standardize its relationship with network

  • Grow and diversify NJFON’s funding
  • Strengthen JFON sites’ fundraising and organizational capacity
  • Develop strategic relationships between NJFON and JFON sites

Goal 2: Improve Capacity

  •  Equip JFON sites to serve more clients
  •  Expand the JFON Network to serve more clients

Goal 3: Create Stronger Partnerships

  • Strengthen internal relationships within the JFON network
  • Develop collaborative relationships with immigrant-focused agencies within and outside the faith community

Goal 4: Advocacy

  • Advocate for federal immigration laws that will benefit immigrants
  • Develop the JFON network’s capacity to effectively advocate for immigration reform

Goal 5: Education

  • Create resources for JFON network
  • Connect JFON network to existing resources