A Mother’s Wish

Maytha came to the U.S. from Jordan and married an American who became abusive.  Maytha found the courage to leave this unhealthy relationship upon which she was dependent for her legal status, but wondered how she would care for her two young daughters on her own.

Maytha proudly takes the oath of U.S. citizenship.
Maytha proudly takes the oath of U.S. citizenship.

Maytha dreamed of becoming a U.S. citizen so that she could create a better life for herself and her daughters.  With only enough resources to feed and clothe her girls, access to immigration services seemed out of reach.

Then friends introduced her to JFON.  With help from JFON West Michigan’s attorney, Maytha obtained a green card and eventually became naturalized.

As a U.S. citizen, she has a job that enables her to provide for her family.  Maytha’s desire to help other immigrant women facing  similar situations has led her to continue to support JFON as an advisory board member.

Like Maytha, immigrant mothers often make enormous sacrifices for their families.  With your help, we can support JFON sites across the country in keeping families together.  This is especially important as millions of immigrant parents and children become eligible to legally remain in the U.S. once President Obama’s Executive Action goes into effect.  To serve these immigrant families we need to prepare now by recruiting immigration law attorneys, training volunteers to staff legal clinics, and educating immigrants about their rights.

Join us in demonstrating what it means to be a good neighbor:

  • This Mother’s Day consider making a donation to NJFON  in honor of your mother or loved one, or ask your children to do so for you, in lieu of a gift. For the cost of a bouquet of flowers, you can sponsor an advice and counsel session for an immigrant mother with an immigration attorney.
  • For each donation received by May 4th we will send a card with a hand-written note to your loved one for Mother’s Day. Simply send an email to info@njfon.org along with the name and address of your loved one.
  • Volunteer with a JFON in your community.
  • Share information with your network about how everyone wins when families stay together.

With your support we can increase the capacity of the JFON network to help immigrant mothers be with their children this Mother’s Day and for years to come!