The Importance of Networks

This post is written by Rob Rutland-Brown, Executive Director.

One of my favorite things about JFON is that it’s truly a network.

I’ve been reminded about the importance of networks over the past month as I’ve had the opportunity to meet with leaders from other national networks of immigrant-serving agencies like the Migration Ministry of the Episcopal Church,  American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), and Refugee Council USA.

JFON has a key attribute in common with these and many other organizations—we share resources and ideas in order to achieve a common purpose.  And, we believe that this sharing magnifies what we could do alone.

Our fifteen sites carry out vital work for immigrants in their local communities, but at times the task can feel overwhelming and the challenges unbearable.  This is one reason why our annual gathering this coming week in Omaha, which we call the Roundtable, is so important.

It’s reassuring for all of us to be reminded that we are not engaged in the struggle alone.  We find joy in surrounding ourselves with others who have equal commitment and passion for serving our immigrant neighbors.