The Importance of Keeping Families Together

Maria Rodriguez, president of the Florida Immigrant Coalition and guest columnist with the Orlando Sentinel, discusses one part of America’s immigration system that is broken –  mandatory detention. She also reminds us why reforming immigration laws will help both immigrants and our country overall.

As America debates much-needed immigration reform, the issue of criminalizing and deporting immigrants while making poverty worse for their families looms large. Jose and Daisy, an orphan and a widow of deportation, could have had modest but meaningful lives, but instead a broken immigration system plummeted them into poverty and the pain of separation. Two families, not quite whole, had to reconstruct themselves…We need reform that values families, ends mandatory detention, removes the profit motive behind incarceration and gives families a real opportunity to stay together and out of poverty.

Read the rest of Maria’s article here:,0,5523216.story.

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