Senate immigration bill watched by United Methodists

United Methodists continue to track immigration bill S.744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, which is currently in the Senate. Rob Rutland-Brown, executive director of National Justice For Our Neighbors, explains why United Methodists care.

“Our staff attorneys, along with the hundreds of volunteers at United Methodist churches and elsewhere that assist them, see every day some of the failings of our current system. In particular, we understand the burden that family separation can have on children, parents, and communities.

“We see how undocumented immigrants — many of whom live with family here that are documented — live in fear of calling police for help, of leaving their house, of talking to others. They are relegated to a way of life that keeps communities from thriving.”

United Methodists have a long history of advocating for just policies towards immigrants. This action is part of

“the long-term call that we have as followers of Jesus to welcome people to our congregations and communities.”