Justice For Our Neighbors – New York Gathers Documents in Support of Man’s Visa

Ramon's family
Ramon and his family celebrate Christmas together in the U.S.

Ramon had a minor daughter in Jamaica who had been denied an immigrant visa by the U.S. Embassy in Jamaica. He requested Justice For Our Neighbors-New York help at La Promesa Presbyterian Mission of Flushing, New York, which operates a legal clinic.

A Justice For Our Neighbors staff attorney filed a complaint, and the U.S. State Department ordered the embassy in Jamaica to reconsider its refusal to issue the visa. Beyond demonstrating a biological relationship, a father who petitions on behalf of an illegitimate child must show that he has supported the child emotionally and financially during her upbringing.

In support of Ramon’s petition, Justice For Our Neighbors-New York gathered affidavits, photos, old school records and proof of remittances to help Ramon show that he had an established, supportive relationship with his daughter prior to her applying for a visa.

Ramon and his daughter
Ramon reunited with his daughter

After an initial request for additional evidence, the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service approved the petitions. The embassy in Jamaica, however, requested a DNA test despite overwhelming evidence. Thanks to extensive work by our attorney, which included numerous contacts to the Jamaican Embassy and the U.S. Department of State, Ramon’s daughter was finally issued a visa. Now, months later, she is reunited with her father in New York, has a green card and can live permanently here.