Justice For Our Neighbors welcomes immigrants

with compassion, dignity and love.

Justice For Our Neighbors provides trustworthy advice and representation

to low-income immigrants with staff attorneys and volunteers.

Justice For Our Neighbors educates immigrants about their rights

and informs communities about our nation's immigration system.

Justice For Our Neighbors advocates for immigration laws

that are just, humane, and compassionate toward families.

Find out how JFON is providing immediate and long-term help to the thousands of children fleeing Central America. Learn what you can do to help.

What is driving the mass migration of thousands of Central American children to the U.S.? The recent surge in child migrants is attributed to a combination of factors, such as governments in El Read more →


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Children Traveling Solo Across US Border

David Greene talks to Pulitzer Prize winning author Sonia Nazario about the growing crisis of unaccompanied minors from Central America and Mexico attempting to migrate to the U.S. This  is Read More →


I live in fear of deportation: My life as an undocumented worker

I was 10 when we crossed the border without papers. I built a family here -- but it could all be taken away.     Hugo Carrasco writes a touching and honest account of building a life Read More →